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Celebrating One Year of TerraCycle Pouch by Casella

TerraCycle Pouches by Casella

To help our customers meet their recycling and sustainability goals, we will occasionally invite them to try something new with us.

Nearly one year ago, we reached out to Vermonters in and around Burlington with one such invitation to innovate: a new program called TerraCycle Pouch by Casella.

TerraCycle Pouch is a convenient curbside recycling service for 20 categories of items that do not belong in your curbside recycling bin. The list includes packaging items such as plastic bags, Styrofoam™, and padded mailers, as well as durable goods like worn-out clothing, shoes, and sports gear. See the full list here.

Now, with almost a full year behind us, we are grateful to those early adopters who helped us learn and innovate and excited about what comes next.

What have we learned so far? First, and this was no surprise, Vermonters care about their recycling. They wish they could recycle more and they may be willing to do a little extra work. They want to know their stuff will get recycled back into new products. Second, we refined the operational details. We collected pouches from our customers’ homes, aggregated them in our warehouse, and sent off efficient trailer loads of items ready to begin their recycling journey with TerraCycle.

What comes next? We received great feedback from our customers and from those who visited our website. Based on customer feedback, we are rolling out two new elements to make the service more effective and convenient:

  • Business services: Businesses can use TerraCycle Pouch to recycle coffee capsules in the break room, padded mailers in the mail room, office supplies from the supply closet, and much more.
  • Drop-off location: Customers outside of the pilot area can now participate and drop their pouches at the Richmond Depot during open hours.

Sign up today or join our waitlist at www.terracyclepouch.com.

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Jeff Weld
Vice President of Communications
Jeff Weld